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Creative Community of Healing

miracles taking place daily

This Creative Community of Healing section was developed out of a need for healing AND a belief that healing is possible.  It is people helping people, helping each other.  This is built out of the philosophy that if you are not developing win-win solutions in the world, you are developing lose-lose ones.  It is that simple and that complicated.

The best part of taking a journey is sharing it with someone, especially a long, difficult journey.  Dr. Meg and the people at Ann Grace Ministry want to share your journey, they've been on the difficult journey's in life and know there is hope, that miracles do take place.  Pain is not the enemy, it is there for a reason.  Plus, the more you fight it, the worse it will hurt.  Dr. Meg is wonderful at helping the pain hurt less and making the burden not so heavy to carry.  

She is now working with BetterHelp, an online counseling service that is funding Ann Grace Ministry to carry on its nonprofit endeavors.  Dr. Meg doesn't take a salary from this service.  All monies go to take care of those in need.  The service does cost you, but it is much less than an insurance company would charge you.  It is fully licensed and accredited.  For now, this is the only way we have of funding for Ann Grace Ministry so it is the only venue Dr. Meg is available for counseling services at this time.  As we grow, the service options may change.

Here is the link for the service:

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