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Price List

Member prices:

Gleaner Member (free)

Co-Op Member: ($150 individual/$250 family per year)

Crafter Member: ($150 a month)

Maker Member: ($250 a month)

Business Incubator Member: ($100 a month)

Maker Member: ($250 a month)


Materials & Services priced for covering the cost of doing business such as utilities, labor, and leasing the property:

Materials are for in-house projects only. Large quantities are not authorized.  If the project is used for fund-raising purposes, no charge.


Materials Prices

Standard Paper Copies   (8-1/2x11”)           $.05 per side

Fax                                                               $3.00 per fax

Filament/resin for 3D printing                      $1.75 per ounce (priced per project, not per item)

Craft materials 12x12”                                 $  .60 per page

                                8-1/2x11” (colored)      $  .25 per page

                                9x12”                           $  .50 per page

                                11x14” (legal plain)     $  .30 per page

                                12x24”                         $ 1.25 per page

                                Poster board (any size)  $ .05 per inch

                                Foam board (any size)   $  .10 per inch

Yarn                                                               $3.50 per skein

Cloth                                                              $5.00 per yard

Resin art                                                        $1.75 per ounce

Jewelry pieces                                               $. 50 each

Wood (depends on material/size)                  $1.00-20.00

Class project kits:

                                3D printing                          $10.00-20.00 depending on project

                                Woodworking                      $2.00-20.00 depending on project

                                Fabric crafts (sewing)         $5.00-20.00 depending on project

                                Yarn crafts                           $3.50-11.00 depending on project

                                Resin crafting                     $1.75-20.00 depending on project

                                Jewelry crafting                  $1.00-20.00 depending on project

                                Paper crafts                        $1.00-20.00 depending on project

                                Computer projects             $2.00-20.00 depending on project

Gift wrapping services                                       $2.00 per gift

Prices are subject to change without notice except for memberships.  Expensive materials are not considered in this price list and may have a surcharge added to cover the increased cost of materials.

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